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Tip Log is a great utility for waiters, waitresses, taxi drivers, pizza delivery drivers, barbers, beauticians, or anyone who receives tips in their work.

Tip Log is simply the quickest and easiest way to record your tips. After only a few seconds the tip is recorded and you can go on with the rest of your day. You don't need a thousand different metrics, Tip log provides the data normal people want to see.

Entering a tip is easy. Enter the money you made, the hours you worked, and you are done! Tip log handles the rest and tells you the best day that you should work.

User Reviews:

"If you work at a tip based job this is a must have app"
"Must have for anyone who earns tips"
"Beautiful and simple layout"

-Average Hourly rate
-Total hours worked
-Total money made
-Total days worked
-Average hours per day
-Average tips per day

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Note: Our last update, version 1.93, has fixed the date entry issue encountered after December 31, 2015 by adding a standard iOS date picker to Tip Log. The new date picker will never constrain date entry in the future.  In this update we also added iPad capability and enhanced version 1.92 screen displays.