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Get more out of your Live Photos with Splitter

• View and save any of about 30 frames from one Live Photo
• Make a short video from your Live Photo

What is a “Live Photo”?
A Live Photo captures a 3 second video, about 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after the static photo you see in your Photo Library. So, the static photo in you Photo Library is really the frame at the mid-point of the video.



This is what we see in our Photo Library when we find our Live Photo of Tigger.

Cat Photo

But we have more images of Tigger from our Live Photo 
than we can see in our Photo Library, all embedded in our one Live Photo

Cat Frames

3 frames of about 32 frames at different times in our Live Photo

With Splitter – For Live Photos we can:

• View the Original Static Photo in our Photo Library

• Make a short (about 3 second) video with sound from our single static Live Photo and save our new video.

• Save anyone of the separate frames that were captured in our Live Photo.

Screen Image

Get More Out of Your Photos

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